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The Crisis of FORESTRY in South KOREA and Its Future Direction

Vol.3 (No.2) 2018
2018-12-30 11:54


In South Korean society, forestry has been on a continuous decline. Agriculture and forestry are important fields directly connected to the food security of the people. Forestry has many problems including imbalance between rising production and consumption rates, fluctuating prices by the season, poor research pool on grow-ing and biological pest control, temporary petty cultivation facilities, and weaker price competitiveness than Chinese counterparts. Since forest products are not part of the nation's food staple, the demand for forest products is more unstable than agricultural products, which explains why the percentage of forest managers leaving the vocation is higher than that of farmers. This study set out to investigate the current forest management of forest managers and find solutions to the crisis of forest products in South Korea.
The subjects include 15 forestry households that collected, processed, and distributed wild herbs and vegetables, mushrooms, and fruits. The survey period spanned about two months from December, 2015 to February, 2017. The in-depth interview covered six major areas including the information of forestry households, information of forest products, methods of collection, methods of processing, methods of distribution, and other particulars.
Based on the results of an in-depth interview with 15 forestry households, the study made the following proposals for the development of forestry in the nation: first, they should introduce a village or farming association unit and carry out promotional and marketing strategies in an organized way; second, they should create value added with the development of processed food through talent search and education for their village or farming association organization and government-level support projects based on connections between central and local regions; and lastly, given the recent growing interest in environment-friendly food, they should make efforts to segment food consumers according to their dietary life patterns and understand their preference in order to create a market environment where both forestry businesses and consumers can survive together.

Keyword:Forestry Disaster, Forestry Crisis, Forest Manager, Forestry Business, Forest Products
  • Trains running through urban railroad sections in large cities are an important means of transportation for many passengers. In 2019, the number of passengers using the Seoul Metropolitan Railway reached 2.9 billion. The drivers are responsible for the safe operation of the numerous passengers repeatedly go two to three minutes apart, looking only at the railroad tracks in the dark underground section. Although the urban railway system is becoming state-of-the-art and accidents are caused by system errors and human error continue, so the train driv-ers must exert a high level of concentration to prevent accidents. This professional nature has led to considerable job stress for drivers, and the annual subway accident is feared to cause depression, bipolar disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, and various mental disorders and panic disorder caused by post-traumatic stress disorder. In this paper, while the accident lessons and measures are active in railway operation institutions after the occur-rence of various railway accidents, the measures for drivers have been taken away from the very insufficient exist-ing methods and considered the engineer as a special class of high-risk groups, and the application of the psycho-logical stability program of firefighting officials, who are currently high-risk. The meaning and necessity of devel-oping human psychological stability program for railroad engineers were presented by analyzing these.
    Keyword:Train-Driver, Job Stress, Human-Error, Post-Traumatic Stress, Psychological Stability
  • Foreign plants introduced by overseas exchanges are rapidly transformed into naturalized plants and pose se-rious threats to biodiversity, including domestic native species. Therefore, this study is based on the flora survey data of 776 map numbers(1200 places) for 12 years from 2006 to 2017, the third to fourth data of the National Natural Environment Survey, the nation’s largest basic research project on the natural ecosystem. By analyzing plant species and naturalized plant species and predicting naturalized plant species and naturalization Index, they can be used as basic data to study environmental changes, or they can be used to set various indicators ap-plying naturalized plants and naturalization Index and to set the upper limit of permit for development activities. Therefore, in this study, one-way ANOVA analysis and MANOVA analysis were conducted to determine whether there is a difference in naturalized plant species and naturalization Index by year, region, altitude, population density, GDP, and the ratio of forest to area. There was a correlation between the items such as year, region, alti-tude, population density, GDP, the ratio of forest to area and the number and naturalization Index of naturalized plants, and the greatest impact on the naturalized plant species and naturalization Index. Curve estimation re-gression, multiple regression, and dummy variable regression were performed to find out which items are causing the problem. Through this research, it is thought that the naturalization Index predicted by this study can be used for the issue of Permit on Exclusive use of inter-mountain area altitude standard, which is operated under the Act on Planning, and Use of National Territory, and the Mountain Site Management Act. The naturalization Index predicted by this study can be used as basic data for setting the upper limit of Permit on Exclusive use of inter-mountain area, or for studying environmental change, or for setting various indicators.
    Keyword:Naturalized Plants, Naturalization Index, Region, Altitude, Population Density
  • Purpose; The purpose of this study is to examine the problems of the traditional teaching method, and to clari-fy how the teaching and learning methods for creative talents is reflected through the design on teaching and learning method for creative talent in the age of artificial intelligence(AI). The design of the creative teaching and learning model proposed in this study is largely classified into two stages, In-class(Offline Practice Learning Steps) and After-class(Post-Class Inquiry and Project-Based Learning). And the mechanism that connects learning states organically rather than independently separate concept, but is analyzed based on a questionnaire evaluation on the concentration and immersion of classes and the understanding of creative teaching and learning methods. And this paper explores that learners who will be at the center of future society have the power to think through concentration and immersion in solving their own difficult problems based on their experience of teaching and learning methods in university education. In this process, creativity is expressed. They will also feel happy with a sense of accomplishment, confidence, and satisfaction while solving difficult problems. This is why problem-based learning is necessary in university education. The teaching and learning method proposed in this study is to in-duce learners to think freely based on dialogue rather than discussion, and to lead the class by achieving the con-centration and immersion in class, thus leading to a sense of achievement. The teaching-learning model, which incorporates elements that can solve problems on their own with convergent and logical thinking, has become an opportunity to reveal the importance of fostering creative talent for the artificial intelligence era.
    Keyword:Creative Talents, Artificial Intelligence, Teaching and Learning Method, Traditional Teaching Meth-od, Imaginative Creativity
  • Iranian influence on Language, literature and culture of Bangladesh is indeed very apparent in every sphere of life of the people in the country. The history of the civilization and culture of Iran and Bangladesh suggests that the people of both the lands have been maintaining a good relationship with each other since time immemorial. The relationship began to grow since the period of Achaemenid dynasty (550 BC) in Iran and gradually expanded through the periods of the Parthian(249-226 BC) and the Sassanid(226 BC – 652 AD) which got a new dimension and was consolidated further by the establishment of the Ghaznavid dynasty in Punjab, Ghurid Dynasty in Delhi, and finally Bakhtiyar Khilji in Bengal. Primarily it commenced through the traders who used to travel to the land from Persia and other middle-eastern regions following the sea route – Persian Gulf. Sonargaon, Bengalla(Dhaka), Satgaon, Hugli, Tamralipti were the important sea-ports in the region since the seventh century BC. Many of the traders and merchants used to travel frequently and a good number of them got married to local girls and settled here which finally resulted in socio-cultural assimilation, especially in the influence of Persian language in local vernacular languages, especially the Bengali language. Beside traders, wandering saints and preachers had been visiting Bengal long before the Muslim conquest of the land in 1203 AD. Furthermore, the mystic movement in Bengal, by the end of the fourteenth century, had an enormous impact on indigenous culture and society – irrespective of both the Hindus and the Muslims. The presence of huge lexicographic elements, numerous Persian words in both original and distorted forms in Bengali language as well as the emergence of mystic and romantic dimensions in mediaeval Bengali literature and culture, comprising elements from Persian literature and Sufi tradition can be realized as the best examples to understand the range and intensity of Iranian influence on the field. After the fall of Bengal to the East India Company however, the splendor of Persian gradually begun to diminish. English, Urdu as well as Hindi languages became more influential not only in Bengal but in the whole sub-continent. This study attempts to address the issues related to the topic using both primary and secondary elements and analyze the reasons behind the decline of Persian literary, cultural and Sufi traditions in the region.
    Keyword:Iran, Bangladesh, Socio-Cultural Assimilation, Lexicographic Elements, Romantic Literature
  • This study aims to inquiry desirable leadership by examining and discussing the Psychological Status and the dilemma Humanity of leadership facing intermediate leaders. The research was divided into five categories, including the difficulties that middle leaders face in exercising leadership on the psychological status and humanity feeling dilemma of the high pressure that comes from being caught in the middle', the frustration of following incompetent senior leaders, the difficulty of self-awareness that is not seen in the middle', and the 'the difficulty of leadership exercise due to the characteristics of new soldiers,' to discuss what causes each of these occur and suggest how to deal with them. And the middle leader, which means most of the time, refers to the usual middle leader who works in a trap, but it also states that it is applicable to middle leaders such as the chief of the land and land department. Through this study, we have considered the psychological status and human dilemmas that the mid-level Navy leader may experience, thereby giving various consideration to how efforts should be made to demonstrate effective leadership. Navy leaders must be all-out leaders, and they will wisely overcome the difficulties if they perceive the looming leadership dilemma as an opportunity to foster all-out leadership capabilities to the middle leader.
    Keyword:Leadership, Psychological Status, Dilemma Humanity, Middle Leader, Navy Leader
  • This study is to find out how to improve the logical thinking ability and self-directed learning based on the evaluation and analysis of the questionnaire by applying to the development of image contents through English and American literature works. First of all, students freely select excellent literature works that are easy to understand, and examine authors, works, and criticism etc. Next, this study tries to analyze the learners’ responses by designing and applying the image contents model through English and American literature works. In order words, this study examined the difference between the lecture-based instruction method and the teaching method using video technology. The result of this study is to improve the understanding of English-American literary works, which have the characteristics of multiplicity, and the immersion of the class while producing the video contents using the image contents technology. In addition, it is expected that further research on development of practical contents can be promoted by developing the scope of the basic research.
    Keyword:Bidirectional Convergence, Moby Dick, Teaching Method, Self-Directed Learning, Contents Model
  • This research aims to specify the coaching leadership through Korean traditional military leader Yi Sun-shin. The whole society of the 20th Century is very complicated not to make a decision. So in the era of this trend, the society needs to be guided by who got the Charismatic Leadership based on solid wisdom and self-moderation competence. Usually mysticism, elitism, and strong charisma have been known as typical leadership. But now world is changing rapidly, so 21st century is questioning new leadership to today’s leaders. If so, what is correct answer which leaders of this age must answer? It could be not charisma but ‘empathy’ and ‘de-authority’. Even the present generation leaves doubts to leadership itself from the very first. This research tried to draw a consensus between Yi Sun-sin Leadership through stage of lifetime based on 10 pictures and Coaching Leadership at shifting point of leadership paradigm. As results of analyzing 10 spectrums, wellspring of Yi Sun-sin Leadership becomes summarized 7 kinds of core key words as noble character, values, principle, genuine ability, horizontal communication, transformation and innovation, and justice. Those also can be discovered to attain the highest perfection of leadership by consilience of conventional and modern leadership theory. As this is existential leadership that this age is needed, it’s against the coaching leadership to help centering true-self as way of being. This study finds out common dominator between Leader Yi Sun-sin and Coaching Leadership by projecting Yi Sun-sin’s life to coaching philosophy and Coaching Core Competency(CCC). Even during 21st century, we have to still understand and pursue the greatest leader Yi Sun-sin’s authentic leadership.
    Keyword:Leadership, Coaching Leadership, Yi Sun-Sin, 4thIndustrial Revolution, Authentic Leadership
  • There is a great concern for infectious diseases across the world, and the U.S. Center of Disease Control(CDC) puts emphasis on the prevention of respiratory infection. However, the importance of cough etiquette is still overlooked than that of hand washing. Specifically, this phenomenon is quite serious among college students who are indifferent a lot to health and live a community life. The rate of the incorrect answers was high as to covering mouth with a hand, handkerchief, sleeve or tissue, and the compliance rate was below 30 percent as well. The compliance rates with some items were approximately three times larger than those in 2014, but the rates are still low. As a consequence, they are at high risk of various respiratory diseases and infectious illnesses that incur droplet infection. Like the case of hand washing, prolonged nationwide education should be provided about cough etiquette, and how to increase the compliance rate should carefully be considered. That is expected to lesson the burden of Middle East respiratory syndrome and influenza.
    Keyword:Human & Disaster College Student, Cough Etiquette, Droplet Infection, Infectious Disease, Practice
  • Consumers rely on media in seeking risk information about their products. Many of the products that consumers encounter commonly in everyday life are the results of highly sophisticated processes from the beginning of production to the completion stage, forcing consumers to rely on the opinions of the experts through the media in obtaining information about products. The purpose of this study was, accordingly, to analyze the actual processes in which risk information messages are provided to consumers. It is suggested that the consumers are likely to fall in risky situation due to their lack of knowledge of coping measures. It is considered, therefore, that risk communication or risk reporting in the future should provide personal measures as a prognostic framing together with diagnostic framing.
    Keyword:Content Analysis, Consumers, Media, Household Chemical Products, Information
  • This study aims to analyze the present local government status systematically and establish practical disaster and safety management system of the local government. Rural area is composed of small business farm community with people engaged in primary industry. The disaster occuring in rural area includes both social disaster and natural disaster. Urban area is differentiated from rural area in aspect of industrial composition, administration, and facility. The disaster occurring in urban area includes both social disaster and natural disaster. In adminis-trative district aspect, urbanrural complex area refers to city which connects urban and rural area spatially. Metropolitan area is a concept contrast to basic local government. Also, current workers for disaster prevention department are insufficient compared to quota. In addition, excessive number of residents is assigned per worker at disaster department. The work hours of workers at disaster department exceeds average work hours at the local government.
    Keyword:Local Government, Disaster Management System, Disaster Management, Crisis Management System, Disaster Cooperation