The International Journal of Martial Arts aims to expand martial arts research exchanges and to form an academic network in the international community.
And furthermore share the latest research trend and information and continuously seek for the academic development of martial arts and sport.



International journal of martial arts 2(2)

  1. Effects of YONGMOODO Exercises on Physical Fitness and Gait Ability in Body Imbalance Obesity Elementary Students
  2. The Aesthetic Value of Demo Competition in KOREAN HAPKIDO
  3.  In Times of Crisis: Exploring the Utilization of JUDO Techniques by the KOREAN Youth
  4. Analysis and Suggestions of KOREAN Junior High School MARTIAL ARTS Curriculum


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 Submission 5/10  11/10
 Review  5/20  11/20
 Accepted  5/25  11/25
 Published 6/30 12/30