The International Journal of Military Affairs(IJMA) intends to extend our research focus on military science including national security, military ethics, foreign affairs, military education & training, and military psychology, etc. We publish high quality journal articles through strict peer-review process twice a year and make good contribution to academic progress for north east Asia security affairs.



International journal of military affairs 2(2)

  1. Factors Affecting KOREA ARMY Officers’ Achievement in Professional Development Education
  2. The Effect of Ego-Orientation on MILITARY Cadets’ Intention for Sport Activity and Performance
  3. A Study on the Actual Condition and Development Plan of Psychological Warfare in NORTH KOREA
  4. Exploring the Everyday Language of KOREANS -A Study of Possibility on Positive Thought and Culture Psychological Conceptualization of ‘Boram’


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 Submission 5/10  11/10
 Review  5/20  11/20
 Accepted  5/25  11/25
 Published 6/30 12/30