Chapter 1 General Rules

Article 1 (Purpose)
These regulations aim on laying down regulations on paper contributions of journals the「J-INSTITUTE」publishes.

Chapter 2 Registration

Article 2 (Registration)
① Registrations will be made through submitting the manuscript, paper contribution form through email.
② The registration date will be the date of arrival of paper through email.

Article 3 (Restrictions)
The contributed paper that was judged as 「rejection of publication」cannot be re-contributed within 6 months of the date it was rejected.

Chapter 3 Preparing Manuscripts

Article 4 (Manuscript Composition)
① Manuscripts should be used in MS-Word, and be written English.
② The sign system of the table of contents of the manuscript should follow in the order of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and in the order of 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 in detail.

Article 5 (Manuscript Editing)
① Page setting

② Body editing

③ Chart/Picture

Chapter 4 Citation

Article 6 (Citation)
① Citations should be marked by using numbers in parentheses in the text.
② Charts or pictures should be numbered on the top.
③ Citations of charts or pictures should be marked by using numbers in parentheses on the right side of the title of the chart or picture.

Chapter 5 References

Article 7 (References)
① Referenced cited in the text should be written in the order of the numbers in parentheses.
② References should be composed in the order of journal article, thesis degree, books, conference proceedings, additional references.

Chapter 6 Introduction of Author

Article 8 (Introduction of author)
Author introduction should have the name, name of institution and position, school(Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, Doctor’s degree), main performance of research, main activity career, etc.

Chapter 7 Other

Article 9 (Fees)
Fees needed for publishing other theses will be in accordance to the internal regulation.

Article 10 (Copyright)
① Theses published in the Journal is copyright unless approved by 「J-INSTITUTE」
② Contributed papers are considered agreeing to being disclosed to unspecified individuals from the 「J-INSTITUTE」web site.


Article 1 (Enforcement Date)
These regulations will come into force on June 23, 2015.