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The International Journal of Protection, Security, and Investigation (IJPSI) is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes 2 issues per year, offering empirical research articles, policy reports, case studies to offer readers with up-to-date information regarding all aspects of security and protection. The journal provides a platform for discussion and exchange of information among scholars, practitioners, private security officers, and policymakers, by publishing scholarly papers pertaining to crime, crime prevention, public policy, contemporary security and protection systems, investigation procedures, and national security in the countries of Asia-Pacific and North America.
The International Journal of Protection, Security, and Investigation highlights the origins, patterns, causes, motivations, trends of security issues. The journal includes studies from a broad variety of methodological approaches such as quantitative, qualitative, historical, and comparative methods. The International Journal of Protection, Security, and Investigation provides researchers, practitioners, and policymakers the opportunity to learn from the experiences, policies, programs and perspectives of their colleagues from around the world and to use that new information in their own work. To that end, the journal encompasses contributions from a wide range of disciplines, including criminology, computer science, engineering, economics, forensic investigation, health sciences, history, homeland security, political science, psychology, psychiatry, social anthropology, social work, sociology, and urban studies.

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  • This dissertation aims at investigating the geographical conditions, facilities, programs and status of the shelter and safety facilities of nine selected forest kindergartens in Gyeongsangbuk-do Province in Korea. Based on the surveys of instructors and participating teachers of forest kindergartens, this study provides several suggestions for improving the shelter and safety facilities of forest kindergartens. The surveyed forest kindergartens had an average of 2.5 forest kindergarten instructors, while the number of participating children in the programs were gradually increasing. In 2017, an average of 9,621.5 children participated in the programs. In some forest kindergartens, the number of participants increased more than two times, three times in 2017 compared to 2016. As a result, this study suggests following three improvements for the shelter and safety facilities in forest kindergartens. First, the scope of use of the shelters need to be expanded. Emergency kit should be kept in the shelters and the shelters should be constructed as fire-and-quake proof buildings. The shelters need to have air-conditioning and heating so that children can take a rest or enjoy more activities in the shelters. Second, safety facilities need to be improved to have more secure escape routes, more CCTVs and the safety facilities monitoring should be strengthened. Sign board for the children should also be improved to provide more details of the surrounding risks with pictures. Third, safety management should also be improved. Instructors and participating teachers of forest kindergartens need to have more training opportunities to learn how to utilize the shelter and safety facilities and they need to be more responsible and capable in securing safety in the daily activities in forest kindergartens.
    Keyword:Investigation, Developing, Shelter, Safety Facilities, Forest Kindergartens
  • Beijing will host the 2022 Olympic Winter Games after the Summer Olympics in 2008. It is the first Win-ter Olympics for Beijing and the second capital city to host Olympic Games. The success of the Summer Olympics and expectations for the Winter Olympics will place higher demands to Beijing. Prevention and control to secure society will be the key to the success of the Games. Security of society is the momentous part in the whole process and the essence to ensure stability of society, especially under the changes of domestic and foreign circumstances, this work will face more severe challenges. Therefore, in order to en-sure the social stability of political and economic center in China during winter Olympic Games and the successful hosting, this study is trying to employ systematic reviews of past research literatures, summa-rize risk factors that might cause social problems during the Beijing Olympic Winter Games, classify, and then screen them. Finally it also puts forward corresponding prevention and control suggestions. The results show that there are many risk factors that may cause social problems in Beijing during the winter Olympics. The characteristics of risk factors and the types that may cause social problems were classified into public security risks, life risks, economic risks, ecological environment risks, political risks, cultural risks and public health risks. Due to the large time span of retrieval, some risk factors are still possible to occur, but they are under control. Therefore, in order to further ensure the pertinence of the research results, this paper screened and removed the summarized factors according to the actual situation and relevant policies. Finally, the risk factors were identified as public security, living, and public health. Public security risk factors include public opinion and cyberbully; Living risk factors are the ones affecting the life of vulnerable groups; Public health risk factor is pandemic outbreak. According to the results, this paper proposes the following prevention and control measures: 1. Strengthen the education and publicity of public security knowledge. The Chinese government has a relatively completed public security management system, so it should start with the education and publicity in the early stage to achieve the prevention of public opinion and cyberbully. 2. Establish service stations for vulnerable groups to ensure their normal life during the winter Olympics. 3. Create a real-name health monitoring mobile APP during the winter Olympics. Smart phones have already been popularized in China, and people can upload their personal health status anytime and anywhere through the APP, which can effectively assist the Chinese government on public health situation during the Beijing Olympic Winter Games.
    Keyword:Winter Olympic Games, Risk Control, Risk Prevention, Prevention Strategy, Systematic Reviews
  • Cardiovascular disease(CVD) is the main cause of death in the adult population of industrialized societies, and it is well known that as oxidized low-density lipoprotein(LDL) is an inflammatory component of the atherosclerotic process, hypercholesterolemia is one of the main risk factors contributing to the appear-ance and progression of CVD. On the other hand, plant sterols and plants stanols, commonly known as phytosterols, are substances found in the cells of plants and are long been known to be effective in reducing serum cholesterol concentration by competing with dietary and biliary cholesterol for intestine absorption. With this reason, it has been suggested that these cholesterol-lowering effect of phytosterols may ultimately help for preventing CVD. However, some research has shown that not all phytosterols supple-mentation may be beneficial, and those individual with sitosterolemia may be susceptible to overload. Also, limited evidence supports a decrease in fat soluble vitamins and carotenoid concentrations through the decrease in the number of available lipoprotein carriers by phytosterols consumption. However, it has been demonstrated that supplementation with food rich in carotenoids can attenuate these adverse effects. Thus, normal populations consuming a healthy diet and not exceeding their daily intake of sterols should be of no concern. With regard to phytosterols intake associated with therapeutic effects, intake of phy-tosterol-enriched products of about 1.5~2.5g/day has been recommended to reduce plasma low-density lipoprotein cholesterol(LDL-C) without any reported side effects based on pertinent research on phytosterols. In several meta-analyses, a dose- response relationship was found between the amount of phytosterol intake and the LDL-C lowering effect of phytosterols. In addition, there was no difference in cholesterol-lowering effect between phytosterol enriched foods and phytosterol supplements provided by capsule or tablet. Thus, the proposed method is to decrease total cholesterol(TC) through exercise and controlled dietary mechanisms to free up carrier molecules for these fat-soluble vitamins. In conclusion, it is wise to con-sider the supplementation of phytosterols/stanols in the human diet, and appropriate intake of phytosterols/stanols could be used in place of statin drugs with reduced side effects as an alternative treatment.
  • The study was conducted to find out how taekwondo demonstration team activities affect college life adaptation for students who are participating in taekwondo demonstration teams at colleges and universities nationwide. To achieve the purpose of the study, a survey was conducted on 232 college students who were active in taekwondo demonstration teams at colleges and universities nationwide. Frequency analysis using SPSS 26.0 was conducted on the data collected through the survey to identify the general characteristics of the study participants. T-test and one-way ANOVA were conducted to find out how taekwondo demonstration team activities affect college life adaptation. The conclusions from the analysis are as follows. First, after verifying the differences in college life adaptation by gender among college students participating in taekwondo demonstration teams, no significant differences were found in all the variables. Second, a significant difference in social adaptation factor was found after verifying the differences between college students participating in taekwondo demonstration teams by their college years. Third, the results of verifying the differences in college life adaptation by the experience of college students participating in demonstration competitions showed a significant difference in the academic adaptation factor. Fourth, the results of verifying the differences in college life adaptation by experience of college students who are active in taekwondo demonstration teams winning an demonstration competition showed significant differences in all factors.
    Keyword:Investigation, Taekwondo, Taekwondo Demonstration, College Life Adaptation, Influence
  • The purpose of this study was to investigate the relevance of body composition and physical fitness to field tests representing the performance of women’s softball players. The subjects of the study were 22 players from women’s softball teams located in “D” city, and they signed a consent form after confirming their willingness to participate voluntarily. The correlation analysis of Pearson was conducted to determine the relevance of field tests(three items: bat speed, throw distance, and base running) to body composition(10 items) and physical fitness(14 items). Results: In field test and body composition, female softball players showed a positive correlation with the forearm circumference in bat speed, and base running with the muscle-related variables(muscle mass and LBM), and the fat-related variables(fat ratio and abdominal fat ratio) showed negative correlation. Results: In field test and body composition, women's softball players showed a positive correlation with the forearm circumference in bat speed, and base running with the muscle-related variables(muscle mass and LBM), and the fat-related variables(fat ratio and abdominal fat ratio) showed negative correlation. In field test and physical fitness, there was a correlation between throw distance and lower limbs muscular endurance(repeating jump), response(standing long jump and vertical jump), agility(side step), and flexibility(trunk forward flexion). Base running showed a significant relevance with muscular strength(grip power), muscular endurance(sit up), response(standing long jump and vertical jump), agility(side step), and flexibility(trunk forward flexion). Body composition and physical fitness were divided into muscle-related and fat-related variables. To sum up, the continuous management of physical composition and the increase in basic and professional physical fitness of female softball players are important factors in improving performance and preventing injury.
    Keyword:Bat Speed, Throw Distance, Base Running, Body Composition, Physical Fitness


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