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  • Purpose: After the 4th Industrial Revolution, changes in innovation are required in education. With a report by technology company, Dell estimating that 85 percent of jobs that will exist in 2030 haven’t yet been invented, today’s school leavers are facing a future in an uncertain job market. Find out how schools are helping students to develop skills that will make them work-ready. This researcher applied media-based teaching and learning methods to provide classes to beauty major students. Method: As a result of the survey, most of the students were satisfied with the medium-based teaching and learning method for flipped learning using Google classroom. The following is a summary of what students are satisfied with in the Google classroom and Flipped Learning class. The students responded that they were able to have fun classes without being bored, received a lot of help from the professor, were able to repeat learning at home, check the contents of the assignments correctly, and concentrate well. Students pointed out that it was a little difficult to use at first, and that they had to download class-related apps as an inconvenience during class. Results: As a result of the survey, most students were satisfied with the class using media-based teaching and learning methods. The contents that were good for teaching using the media-based teaching and learning method are summarized as follows. “It was great to be able to have more fun classes”, “I received a lot of help from the professor”, “I can study at home”, “I was able to check exactly what the assignment was”, “It is possible to repeat learning”, “It wasn't boring. and I was able to concentrate well”. The inconvenient points in class were “It was a little difficult to use for the first time”, “Internet data is essential”, “You need to download a class-related app”. Conclusion: To transform future education, the ability of media-based teaching and learning methods using digital skills is essential for both instructors and learners. For this, the foundation should be actively formed to study the effectiveness and application of media-based education such as infrastructure configuration and operation management, various content development and support, and digital skills.
    Keyword:Media-Based, Teaching & Learning Method, Google Classroom, Flipped Learning, Beauty
  • Purpose: Environment protection is one of the major tasks of International Olympic Committee which is listed into Olympic Charter in 1996. As the concept of sustainable development was introduced into Olympic Games, the environment protection was the top issue which the host cities should be concerned. Winter Olympic Games is a sport events relying on natural environment particularly. Therefore, this paper explored the aspects of winter Olympic Games on ecological environment in host cities. It will propose the references for 2022 winter Olympic Games to make winter Olympic Games and ecological environment sustainable. Method: This paper employs the systematic literature review to explore the relationship between winter Olympic Games and ecological environment. 15 articles was scanned and presented for extracting relevant information to analyze the aspects of ecological environment of host cities in winter Olympic Games. The information of Year, the place of Winter Olympic Games, impact or not, positive or negative impact, the specific performance and effect on host cities were extracted to use. Results: Among the existing studies, it is believed that holding the Winter Olympics will have a certain impact on the ecological environment. There are negative and positive impacts both. The negative impact is mainly caused by the site selection and the construction of the venues occupying the natural environment, which leads to a series of subsequent effects, and then affects people's lives, containing water pollution, land source, air pollution and soon. There is also positive impact which can improve the environment protection. Conclusion: First, the hosting of the Winter Olympic Games should take full account of the city's own ecological environment and urban environment. Second, the concept of sustainable development of the Olympic movement should be fully implemented. Third, relevant laws and regulations related to environmental protection should be issued.
    Keyword:Olympic Games, Ecological Environment, Sustainable Development, Economic Impacts, MetaAnalysis
  • Purpose: Various external variables, such as changes in the external environment and the outbreak of infectious diseases, are expected to bring many changes to the aviation industry, and deeper attention to crew work is needed. Since cabin crew's work requires expertise and detailed knowledge such as safety, security, service, and emergency medical knowledge, research should be started by considering cabin crew's work as a professional vocational group. Therefore, this study seeks to apply the variable Occupational Professionalism, which studies cabin crew's work from a professional perspective. Therefore, this study would like to find out the impact of cabin crew's professionalism on the service orientation, safety orientation and self-efficacy of cabin crew, and the impact of cabin crew's self-efficacy on service orientation and safety orientation. Method: This study defines Korean cabin crew members working for domestic and foreign airlines as a population. Questionnaires were distributed through an online survey, and 252 out of 384 were used for empirical analysis. A structural model was constructed and analyzed to evaluate the research model and to verify the hypothesis. Results: The higher the professionalism of cabin crew to perform their duties such as in-flight safety, security, first aid, and services, the higher the service orientation and safety orientation for passengers. Cabin crew can increase their belief and confidence in themselves that they can perform the tasks assigned to them better, and this is the way to increase safety and service orientation toward passengers. Conclusion: This study defines cabin crew as experts in the pursuit of knowledge, self-management, sense of calling, and job regulation. When providing business training to cabin crew, airlines should further strengthen their eligibility to perform their duties through professional theoretical and practical training on safety, security, first aid, and service tasks
    Keyword:Professionalism, Service Orientation, Safety Orientation, Self-Efficacy, Cabin Crew
  • Purpose: As South Korea enters a multicultural society, the importance of a reasonable and effective social integration policy system has been emphasized. The evaluation of social integration policies can promote policy improvement and improve policy effects. The purpose of this study is to analyze the limitations of the application of MIPEX in the evaluation of the Korean social integration policy and to give suggestions about the developing direction of South Korea's social integration policy index. Method: This study starts with the MIPEX’s analysis of South Korea to understands the advantages and disadvantages of Korean immigrant social integration policy. On the other hand, there are certain limits in MIPEX’s evaluation and practical application in South Korea, so by observation and analysis of MIPEX and comparison of integration policies of South Korea and other countries, suggestions are made for the development of a social integration policy index that meets the conditions of South Korea. Results: Although South Korea’s immigrant social integration policy is in a leading position in Asia especially in multicultural education area but compared to the Top countries in MIPEX, some improvement still need to be made. It was showing a trend of regression with increased difficulty in obtaining permanent residency. MIPEX's completely Europe-centered evaluation standards, ignoring illegal immigrants and only focusing on legal immigrants, and ignoring the actual implementation of policies are all reasons for its limitations of application in South Korea. Conclusion: It is necessary to consider the conditions of South Korea and formulate policy indicators that conform to the society during the development of the Korean social integration policy index. The targets of the social integration policy should include all immigrants, and the actual implementation of the policy should be reflected in the evaluation. According to the specific conditions of the country, citizen participation, gender equality, and social security are policy elements that can be added to the index.
    Keyword:MIPEX, Social Integration Policy, Multicultural Society, Multicultural Education, Anti-Discrimination
  • Purpose: Through theoretical considerations such as literature and research data on the pattern of Dunhuang, this study presents the academic systematization, a study on the artist value of Dunhuang patterns and a new possibility of application in the field of design utilizing the pattern of Dunhuang as a motif. Method: Through the collection of data on the design patterns of Dunhuang art, the materials of Dunhuang art are being used the most in the design field and can be used easily. By analyzing the literature and classifying the components of the Dunhuang art pattern, the value was analyzed. Results: The expression of the value of the Dunhuang pattern is analyzed into four characteristics which are artistic value, aesthetic value, cultural value, and economic value. Dunhuang pattern design tradition highlights the artistic expression form. The historical and economic value of traditional culture which satisfies both mental, visual and aesthetic effects were increased. Also analyzing the artistic value of the pattern of Dunhuang will help in the development and creation of the modern design field. Conclusion: By presenting the classification and artistic value of Dunhuang pattern design academically when attempting to develop a variety of designs for the Dunhuang as a formative art in the field, it is highly utilized as a formative art and exhibits fusion creative ability. It is a design material that combines both art techniques, and the number of numbers is theoretically systematized.
    Keyword:Dunhang, Pattern Design, Aesthetics, Culture, Economy
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